Software Engineer (Internal Projects)

Lviv, Ukraine

Good day fellow reader. We are a “Flying Carpet” team and we build the platform that helps run Intelliarts. Our major task is to digitize and improve business processes by creating a unique set of tools for our company. Our task is to motivate, automate routine and sometimes cause smiles, in people you see around every day. The entire company and we as part of it are our customers, so we make all technical decisions, we set deadlines and we choose whether it is worth to have tech debt. The main metric of success of our tools is happy people who use them with pleasure.

Recently we helped the company by rewriting a legacy app that helps order meals and just started to implement a fresh payroll system. And it’s only a small portion of areas of our influence.

The platform has microservice architecture. Currently, our major tech stack is the following:
Java 11
Spring boot 2
Node JS 12
React JS — there are nearly latest and the latest one
We have decided, for now, to follow the KISS principle, so there is plenty of room for ideas and improvements on both code- and approaches we use levels. We like when someone challenges us, we are open to a new tech stack, new library, or programming language (in case the entire team agreed on that).

We are a small team of 4 members. All are full-stack engineers. First of all, we are looking for a great person to work with, so technical skills are following. We are also interested in an engineer eager to improve their soft skills. From our side, we give maximum opportunities to do so. We work hard, though we party twice as hard, so we will be happy to see you around.

Required skills

• 2+ years of experience in software development
• Experience working with Java/JavaScript/Python
• Excellent understanding of the OO design/programming paradigm
• Solid background in computer science and programming
• Strong knowledge of databases and networks
• At least pre-intermediate English

We offer

• Professional development support (books, online courses, conferences, certifications, English classes, and clubs)
• Work in the comfortable office (no open space policy, nice relax/sports areas, spaciously bar/kitchen, shower, mini-laundry)
• Flexible working hours and WFH policy (upon agreement with the teammates)
• Home office setup compensation
• Competitive salary
• Variety of tea flavors, unlimited coffee, fruits, and free lunches

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